August 28, 2016

Shipping Policy

1 – Shipping terms and conditions will be of courier or post office.

2 – Buyer will pay customs fees, taxes and duties of destination country.

3 – Shipping cost will be paid by the buyer in advance.

4 – Shipping cost includes packing & handling charges.

5 – Delivery time is the commitment of carrier company.

6 – Buyer is responsible to coordinate the shipment receiving.

7 – Boxes may be opened officially by custom people.

8 – Carrier company will process the claim if any

9 – Shipping cost varies with weight and is disclosed in invoice.

10-Tracking number is sent via e-mail when shipment departs.

11-Signing the goods received note to carrier company is obligatory.

12-Export documentation is completed by carrier company.

13-In case of any clarification please contact us